Jesus’ final instruction to us was a call to proclaim the Gospel to all nations. Our Lord invites us to participate in His mission. We continuously seek new and improved methods to share the message of Christ with the widest possible audience. St.Paul and the Apostles journeyed throughout the known world to preach the Gospel.

We reside in a world where media holds omnipotent communication power. Serving as both instruments and vehicles of the human mind, they possess “both dangerous conditioning power and, if wisely used, creative power also” (Pope John Paul II).

Our understanding and approach

  • The media has evolved into an integral component of contemporary society and human existence. Its influence on society and individuals is profound. Once solely an entertainment source, the media now serves as a potent tool wielded by capitalists to disseminate their ideologies. Consequently, viewing mass media solely as a source of entertainment is inadequate. It is a powerful instrument capable of exerting a significant impact on both individual lives and society as a whole. Recognizing the potency of this tool, we endeavor to utilize it effectively.
  • We share the Church’s belief that mass media, including the internet, television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and more, have the potential to enact positive and significant changes in society. Therefore, we utilize these platforms to accomplish our objectives and effectively carry out our ministries.

Mission Statement

Through our active engagement in this ministry, we harness the media - a gift from God and the result of human labor - to disseminate Gospel values, foster media literacy, and utilize media as an effective tool for enhancing human society.

Our Aim

  • To raise awareness among students, teachers, and parents.
  • To conduct a variety of programs to educate them about the advantages and disadvantages of mass media.
  • To easily reach and coordinate with the rural population through mass media.

We do the following

  • To utilize the media effectively and comprehensively.
  • To raise awareness among students, teachers, and the general public about the various aspects of the media.
  • To produce content that promotes societal development.