Our commitment to Evangelism

We bear witness to the new reality of the Kingdom inaugurated by Jesus, a Kingdom not founded on power and money (Lk 22:25-26), but on Justice and Peace. This Kingdom is not to be found in the clouds; it is already in our midst (Lk 17:20-21) and grows with each passing moment. We allow ourselves to be guided by the Spirit of God, who constantly brings about apostolic renewals, religious awakenings, and communities that rejuvenate the Church, which is in constant need of renewal. The Holy Spirit, who inspires each individual to proclaim the Gospel, is the principal agent of evangelization. Animated by love and filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we are called to be witnesses of resurrection and messengers of the Good News of God’s Kingdom.

Our vision

“To live the values of Jesus and nurture them among the people and thereby leading them to life in abundance.”

We are the evangelizers

We recognize that all our ministries within the Congregation serve as avenues for evangelization. Some of us engage directly in evangelization ministries, while others contribute to evangelization indirectly. All our communities are dedicated to serving the local Church. It is within the momentum and growth of the local Church that social transformation begins. Therefore, our primary focus is on serving the local Church.

Our evangelization ministry has the following two main goals:

01. To fulfill the needs of the Church

In all our communities, our sisters prioritize house visits. They seize this opportunity to invite people to church activities. During these visits, they provide counseling and foster peace among family members. They also address broken families and work to reconcile marriages.

Parish work encompasses a wide array of responsibilities aimed at nurturing the spiritual life of the community and supporting individuals and families in their faith journey. This includes teaching catechism with creativity every Sunday, ensuring that the message is engaging and accessible to all ages. Additionally, conducting marriage preparation classes offers couples guidance and support as they embark on this sacred commitment. Taking charge of the choir contributes to the vibrant worship experience within the parish while distributing Communion both within the Church and to the sick and elderly at home ensures that all members of the community feel connected and cared for. Active involvement in the pastoral works of Shrines extends the parish’s outreach beyond its immediate boundaries, fostering spiritual connections with neighboring communities. Preparing and conducting liturgical services ensures that the community’s worship is reverent and meaningful while animating pious associations strengthens the spiritual bonds among members. Attendance at parish council meetings facilitates collaboration and decision-making for the benefit of the entire community. Conducting Vacation Bible School (VBS) classes during summer vacation provides children with an enriching and fun-filled opportunity to deepen their understanding of the faith. Taking part in significant family occasions such as Baptisms, funeral masses, thanksgiving masses, and festive celebrations demonstrates solidarity and support during important milestones in parishioners’ lives. Finally, giving faith formation to children in various settings, including boarding facilities, neighboring villages, the parish, and schools, underscores the commitment to nurturing the next generation of believers. This is achieved through catechism teaching, bible classes, competitions, and preparing them to receive the Sacraments, ensuring a solid foundation for their spiritual growth.

Our sisters play a vital role in supporting the Anbiams (Small Christian Communities/Basic Christian Communities) within the parish, assisting them in maintaining regular prayer practices and addressing local issues. They prioritize the welfare of the substations, ensuring that these smaller communities receive the attention and encouragement they need to thrive. Regular meetings are held with the people in the substations to provide support and motivation. Furthermore, whenever the Church announces special years or initiatives, our sisters take a keen interest in celebrating and embodying the values associated with those occasions. They work diligently to ensure that these special years are lived out meaningfully within the parish community, fostering a deeper connection to the Church’s broader mission and vision.

02. To respond to the signs of the times

In response to the evolving needs of our times, we broaden our evangelization efforts to encompass various areas of community engagement. This includes prioritizing youth animation, fostering awareness among youth and women’s groups, and taking leadership roles in the choir to enhance the spiritual dimension of our worship. We also advocate for the rights and well-being of marginalized groups, rallying for causes that promote justice and dignity for all. Additionally, we extend our outreach to those in need by visiting prisons and celebrating important feasts and events, such as Foundress Day, in a meaningful and inclusive manner with the wider community. By engaging in these diverse initiatives, we strive to embody the Gospel values of compassion, solidarity, and service, meeting people where they are and accompanying them on their journey toward wholeness and liberation.

Evangelization through various ministries

Our sacred vocation is a loving call from Jesus, who consecrates us and sends us into the world to proclaim His Good News. As such, the primary objective of our religious life and ministry is evangelization. Every ministry we undertake is grounded in the foundational event of the Exodus. Just as the Israelites were liberated from slavery and journeyed towards the Promised Land, we too are called to accompany others on their journey towards spiritual freedom and fulfillment. In this way, we emulate Jesus’s mission of bringing liberation and salvation to all people, sharing the transformative power of His message with the world.

01. Evangelization through education ministry

In all our educational institutions, we engage in evangelization efforts directed toward the staff, students, and parents as integral aspects of our life and ministry. To instill within them a deepened faith in God and life, we undertake various initiatives. These include offering catechism classes tailored for Catholic students and moral science classes designed for students from diverse religious backgrounds. Additionally, we organize separate two-day retreats, one for students and another for staff, providing opportunities for spiritual reflection and renewal. Furthermore, seminars on life and values are conducted for all students, aiming to impart essential principles for ethical living. We prepare Catholic students to actively participate in Bible quizzes and other competitions held at school, diocesan, or state levels, fostering a deeper engagement with Scripture and religious knowledge. Religious vocation days are arranged to encourage the exploration of religious callings among students. Moreover, students are actively involved in charitable activities, cultivating a spirit of compassion and service. The celebration of events such as the Patroness Feast, Christmas, and Foundress Day serves as occasions to deepen students' understanding of the significance and values embodied in these celebrations. Through these concerted efforts, we strive to nurture a community where faith is enriched, values are embraced, and individuals are empowered to live out their beliefs in meaningful ways.

02. Evangelization through health care ministry to the sick, dying, and crippled

We, who are involved in the health ministry, provide counseling to nurture both the mind and body, visit the sick in their homes and nearby hospitals, administer Communion to the sick, invalid, and the aged, and assist in preparing the sick for Confession and the last Sacrament.

03. Evangelization through social work to the sick, poor, widows, orphans, refugees, and prisoners

We, who are involved in the health ministry, offer counseling to support both the mind and body, visit the sick in their homes and nearby hospitals, administer Communion to those who are sick, invalid, or elderly, and aid in preparing the sick for Confession and the last Sacrament.